Leadership structure

The new operating model comprises four main levels: university (i.e., vice-presidential portfolios), college, faculty or unit, and department.

The new operating model aims to standardize administrative roles within each college and faculty, and across the university. The general roles and responsibilities for each of the four main levels can be found on page 5 of the Operating Model report.

Colleges are implemented by college deans and led by a collegial Council of Deans, in consultation with the provost. Each faculty will continue to be led by a dean who reports to the provost, and each department led by a chair who reports to the faculty dean.

Portfolios continue to be helmed by vice-presidents (VPs) with functional units led by associate vice-presidents (AVPs).

Leadership structure

  • President and Vice Chancellor
    • University Secretary and General Counsel
    • Office of the President and Vice Chancellor
    • VP, University Services and Finances
    • VP, Research and Innovation
    • Provost (includes institution-wide supports such as FGSR, Extension, Library & Museums, and UAI)
      • College Dean, Health Sciences
        • Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
        • Dean, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
        • Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
        • Dean, Faculty of Nursing
        • Dean, School of Public Health
        • Dean, Faculty of KSR
      • College Dean, Natural + Applied Sciences
        • Dean, Faculty of Science
        • Dean, Faculty of Engineering
        • Dean, Faculty of ALES
      • College Dean, Social Science & Humanities
        • Dean, Faculty of Arts
        • Dean, Faculty of Education
        • Dean, School of Business
        • Dean, Faculty of Law
      • Dean, Faculty of Native Studies
      • Dean, Campus Saint-Jean
      • Dean, Augustana
    • VP, External Relations
    • VP, Facilities and Operations

Redistribution of Academic Leaders

Since June, the Academic Leaders Task Group worked to review academic leadership roles in the context of the U of A's new academic structure and operating model. Their aim was to develop recommendations on how to best deploy one of the university's most critical resources: our professors.

In November, the group shared a report outlining their work, including the number, location and responsibilities of academic leaders at the department, faculty, college and institutional levels.