Leadership structure

The leadership structure of the university is laid out in the organizational chart below, outlining changes to reporting structure. Each college is led by a college dean/vice-provost who reports to the provost. Faculty deans report to the college dean/vice-provost who have been delegated this reporting authority by the provost. 

With respect to the academic and administrative operations of the college, the college dean/vice-provost has the authority and decision-making power to implement all aspects of the college, such as providing common administrative, professional and academic services and driving the alignment of resources, such as budget, space, research and education program planning, and enrolment planning.

Recognizing the faculty dean’s key role as the academic leader of the faculty, they  will continue to be primarily responsible for the delivery of the academic programs within the faculty, the hiring and mentoring of faculty members (including support for their teaching and research), alumni relations and fundraising. For professional faculties, relations with the profession will remain the responsibility of the faculty dean.

*Other direct reports include the Deputy Provost Academic, Deputy Provost Students & Enrolment, and AVP Online/Continuing Education

Note: Some faculties will have a direct reporting line to the Provost for accreditation purposes only

  • President and Vice Chancellor
    • University Secretary and General Counsel
    • Office of the President and Vice Chancellor
    • VP, University Services and Finances
    • VP, Research and Innovation
    • Provost (*Other direct reports include the Deputy Provost Academic, Deputy Provost Students and Enrolment, and AVP Online/Continuing Education)
      • College Dean/Vice-Provost, Health Sciences
        • Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
        • Dean, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
        • Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
        • Dean, Faculty of Nursing
        • Dean, School of Public Health
        • Dean, Faculty of KSR
      • College Dean/Vice-Provost, Natural + Applied Sciences
        • Dean, Faculty of Science
        • Dean, Faculty of Engineering
        • Dean, Faculty of ALES
      • College Dean/Vice-Provost, Social Science + Humanities
        • Dean, Faculty of Arts
        • Dean, Faculty of Education
        • Dean, School of Business
        • Dean, Faculty of Law
      • Dean, Faculty of Native Studies
      • Dean, Campus Saint-Jean
      • Dean, Augustana
    • VP, External Relations
    • VP, Facilities and Operations

Redistribution of Academic Leaders

One key objective of academic and administrative restructuring is to refocus academic faculty members towards the core mission of teaching and research. We will achieve this by reducing (1) the amount of time that faculty members in academic leadership roles spend on administering services, and (2) the number of academic administrators. The colleges provide a unique opportunity to reduce the administrative load of a significant number of faculty members and thereby enhance the faculty’s research and teaching capacity.