Hiring announcement: Partners, Communications and Marketing

25 November 2021

Since the new operating model was approved, several new entities and roles have been introduced to the university community including the Senior Partner and Partner positions. Communications and Marketing Partners are integral to the new model in External Relations to ensure the success of integrated and aligned support for the University of Alberta. Partners provide strategic support, ensure that policy and strategy is applied appropriately, and facilitate connection to services to ensure faculty and unit-level strategic priorities are supported through the Centres of Expertise. External Relations and the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) external engagement workstream are pleased to announce the appointments of the Communications and Marketing Partners, joining Jordan Cook, Partner, Faculty of Native Studies, Indigenous Initiatives + Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity, who began to transition into her new role last month.

With all appointments being internal hires, we're pleased to be advancing our existing, key talent within the organization.

College of Natural and Applied Sciences, reporting to Katie Willis, Senior Partner:

  • Tia Lalani — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
  • Andrew Lyle — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Science
  • Annie Aguilar — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Engineering

College of Social Sciences and Humanities, reporting to Kristofer Connor, Senior Partner:

  • Brea Elford — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Alberta School of Business
  • Kyle Ireland — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Arts
  • Sarah Kent — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Law
  • Scott Lingley — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Education

College of Health Sciences, reporting to Janelle Morin, Senior Partner:

  • Shelby Soke — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Amie Filkow — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculties of Rehabilitation Medicine; Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Allie Voisin — Partner, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Nursing and School of Public Health

Reporting to their respective Senior Partner, Communications and Marketing, the Communications and Marketing Partners bring a wealth of expertise from experience working within both faculties and other External Relations portfolios and were selected with continuity of care as a key factor, maintaining or building on existing working relationships wherever possible.

They will work closely with deans, college and faculty general managers and other academic and administrative leaders, as well as senior leaders across the External Relations portfolio, colleagues in the Centres of Expertise, and communications associates within the colleges to deliver strategic and integrated communications and marketing in service of the faculties.

The partners will commence their new roles between this week and January 5.

Jennifer Pascoe
Associate Vice-President, Strategic Communications



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