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18 February 2021

As administrative restructuring at the university continues, we recognize that staff have many questions and concerns about their role—and possible future roles—in the new operating model. One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard from staff is, “How will I know what new positions will be available to apply for and when will they be posted?”

To help provide some answers, the SET team has created an online resource which lists upcoming positions that are planned as part of the administrative operating model. This new page can be found in the SET section of the U of A for Tomorrow site and is called the Position Opportunities page.

Upcoming position opportunities

Our goal with this new page is to transparently provide information on the new positions that have been planned as part of the new model. To the extent that we can, we want to keep our university community informed and up-to-date, and provide our great U of A staff with the information and resources they need to plan their career path for the future. 

While the new operating model will ensure that we can operate effectively and efficiently within our new budget reality, another key goal is to create a vibrant and healthy working environment that provides staff with meaningful work, engaging experiences, and fulfilling career paths. The Position Opportunities page is a step in helping to provide that vision for the future.

Information you will find

On the Position Opportunities page, most of the roles will be listed with a short description, its evaluation level, the expected date of posting, as well as whether the position will be “open” (open competition available to the general public) or “limited” (competition is limited to applications from current University of Alberta staff). Some positions may be missing one or more of these elements because they are still being finalized, but will be coming soon. but Search features are also included on the page to help sort and narrow down positions. 

It’s important to note

With SET’s agile approach to project management—we’re renovating the plane we just built while it’s in the air—we will be sharing position opportunities that may not be completely finalized. Please be aware that:

  • The roles shared on the Position Opportunities page do not include all the administrative positions that will exist in the new operating model
  • The information is subject to change 
  • Additional information on future upcoming positions will be posted to the page regularly 
  • Once a position has been finalized and the competition launched, it will be posted to the Careers site
  • To apply for a new position, you must apply through the Careers page!

As you reference the page, please bear this in mind and check back every Tuesday for updates.

Committed to support

We recognize that this is an enormously challenging time for everyone at the U of A. The university is committed to offering support to our staff during the upcoming transitions, so I encourage you to visit the new Wellbeing Through Change page if you or your colleagues are looking for tools and resources for support.

Todd Gilchrist
Vice President (University Services and Finance)
Chair, Service Excellence Steering Committee (SESC)



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