Position opportunities

We know that staff have many questions about possible future roles in the new administrative operating model. To provide some insight into the roles that will be available, a listing of new, upcoming position opportunities have been identified. Listed below, you will find brief descriptions for each of the anticipated positions, their respective evaluation range, timing of when they will be posted to the Careers site as well as whether the position is “open” (open to external candidates) or “limited” (limited to internal employees). Check back every Wednesday for updates. 

While the intent of the page is to provide as much information as possible in advance of the positions being posted to the Careers site, the positions outlined below may be updated to reflect the most recent information available. As well, they do not account for all administrative positions that will exist in the new operating model. To view the new VP organizational structures, please see here: VP University Services and Finance | VP External Relations.

If you have questions or other feedback, please contact the SET team at uat@ualberta.ca.

Please note: Once a position has been finalized and the competition launched, it will be posted to the Careers site. To apply for a new position, you must apply through the Careers site!

APO: Administrative Professional Officer
MAPS: Management and Professional Staff
CoE: Centre of Expertise