Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

The following table provides information on what is eligible to purchase with a corporate purchasing card and what is ineligible.

Eligible and ineligible uses of corporate purchasing cards.
Eligible Uses Ineligible Uses
Memberships and subscriptions Professional Expenses Allowance purchases

Eligible Travel Expenses:

Registration (conference fees)

Accommodations (including hotels, AirBnB and VRBO etc.)

Car rentals and insurance

Ground transportation receipted (bus, taxi, rideshare, train)

Baggage fee, seat selection (completed outside of the airfare booking) 

Ineligible Travel Expenses:

Airfare - must be booked through the TAP process with Maritime Travel (paid centrally)

Private automobile kilometer allowance rate (paid out of pocket, reimbursement through travel expense module)

Books Personal expenses
Goods not available from Preferred Suppliers Cash advance
Catering and hosting (with unit approval) Donations and sponsorships
Alberta 2 Authorization (with Departmental approval – opens the merchant codes for hotel and lodging. This allows hosting and hospitality expenses within a hotel including catering, bookings and hospitality. It is not for individual employee travel expenses. See the Alberta 2 Authorization Form for details. Gifts of alcohol. Other gifts of reasonable value may be purchased in accordance with the Gift Expenditure Policy.
Parking Maintenance contracts and agreements

Gift Cards:

Gift cards can only be purchased on a University Purchasing Card and cannot be expensed through the Travel and Expense module at any time. They are eligible in the following circumstances only:

Clinical Trial participation or Research participant (in the majority of circumstances this would be for non-employees however there are circumstances that a university employee is involved in either activity and it does not relate to their regular employment).

Honorarium Payment (defined as a voluntary payment for services to an individual for their attendance or participation is an event where payments are not legally or traditionally required. It is used to honor their knowledge and participation in conjunction with the event. In most cases this is a non-employee however there could be situations where the participant is an employee however the event is not related to their employment).

Employee Prize - given to an employee randomly at a department, unit or faculty sponsored event. The value does not exceed $25/card. E.g. team building event: bowling event where 25 department members attended and 10 gift cards were randomly dispersed through a draw or competition (e.g. lowest score or highest score).

Random prize at a department sponsored event (e.g. University hosted Trade Show), gift cards can be purchased by the hosting department and dispersed randomly to attendees through a draw or gift bag. They should only be dispersed to non-employees (attendees, not the hosting department staff), these cards could be up to $50 in value. 

Contracts and payments to individual and small unincorporated companies (i.e. sole proprietorships) for services
Equipment rental exceeding 30 days
Services provided by Facilities & Operations (e.g., construction/building maintenance)

Restricted or controlled goods: controlled substances, radioactive and infectious disease materials, designated radiation equipment, compressed gasses, pressure equipment, commercial lab alcohols including ethyl alcohol and denatured alcohol, laboratory and research animals, energy-using products (i.e. furnaces, boilers, heaters, pumps, air conditioners)