Field Research Pre-Planning - Domestic + International

Domestic Planning Steps

Read the Policy

Determine Risk Level

Identify Hazards


  • Fill out the FAP template  or the H-FAP  for your project.
  • Depending upon the risk assessed, determine who approves the FAP (PI/dean/provost).
  • Send a copy to your department and keep a copy in the field.
  • If you are researching outside of Canada, see the International Research section below.

Daily Field Safety Log Book

  • Request a Daily Field Safety Log Book from the Field Research Office.
  • Write detailed records of weather conditions, road conditions, persons' behaviours, equipment issues and new hazards that would deviate from the FAP in the Daily Field Safety Log Book.

Emergency Information Form

International Research Steps

Read the Policy


Travel Resources


International SOS

  • U of A staff and students have access to International SOS, a free emergency assistance plan.

Travel Management Program

Visa Requirements

Funds to Foreign Countries

Travelling or Shipping Field Equipment