Equipment Rentals

FRO has communication devices (satellite phones and GPS Text communicators - InReach devices), AEDs and back-country Medical First Aid kits available to borrow. Please request your equipment online. You will need to access this form by being logged in to Google through your UAlberta CCID.  

Rental Fees as of January 1, 2023 (These charges are based on cost recovery only):
Satellite phones: $35.00 weekly plus usage ($1.59/minute).
GPS (inReach ): $25.00 weekly (15,000 bytes per month) or $30.00 weekly (unlimited data)
First Aid Kit: $6.00 weekly, no restocking fee
Automated External Defibrillator (AED): Free

NOTE: After you request the equipment, you will be asked to sign and agree to the Terms of Borrowing which will be emailed to you.  

Daily Field Safety Log Books

Please request your daily field safety log book to accompany your Field Activities Plan. 

Field Safety Equipment List

For a start on building your list of safety equipment for field work, see this reference document.

Tips on Field Equipment Insurance Claims

For items <$5K each

  • Good practice for insurance claims is to keep an inventory list. You can group items together (e.g. 10 Coleman 1-man tents @ $100/ea).
  • List food reserves taken. If an incident occurred where unconsumed food was lost, the amount of the claim would be pro-rated to the time you were already in the field.
  • On-road and off-road licensed vehicles do NOT need to be included in the inventory list as they must be registered with Vehicle Pool.

For items >$5K each

  • Equipment over $5K must be tagged according to the Equipment and Furnishings Asset Management Policy.
  • If taking items in the field, should notify designated department staff what are the items and for how long.
  • If making an insurance claim, a "re-inventory" is completed and the difference from the original inventory would be the amount of the claim.
  • For losses <$5K - PI/Dept responsibility, for losses >$5K - insurance claim