Access to Field Equipment Storage

Field researchers can store their field equipment at a fenced area located immediately southeast of the Feed Mill (F-45). This is an outdoor storage lot referred to as the South Campus Storage Lot. Within this storage lot there are cages for combustibles that are assigned to specific departments. 

Get Access

First, contact your department to determine available storage space within the department's facilities.

Register for South Campus Storage Lot access  to receive the access code to the main gate.

If you need access to the combustibles cages, you must also register for cage access

Heated Storage

There is limited heated storage in the Butler Building, east of the South Campus Storage Lot. Contact your department to determine if there is available storage.

If there is no department storage available and you are in need of heated short-term storage for field research equipment/supplies, contact Supply Management Services by filling out Storage Request Form . Supply Management Services can make arrangements with dispatch to have the items picked up and brought to the warehouse in the Materials Management Building. The warehouse is heated and is access restricted. 

Boxes would need to be stackable and placed on a pallet either 12 square feet or 18 square feet, depending on pallet size. There are costs associated with this storage, which will be clarified after the request form has been actioned.


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