Safety Stand Down

A safety stand down is a meeting to address gaps in health and safety. It is:

  • a proactive event to prevent work-related fatalities and injuries.
  • an opportunity to:
    • confirm our shared health and safety responsibilities.
    • talk specifically about safety and to reset expectations.
    • identify gaps in safety practices and take corrective action.

At the University of Alberta, safety stand downs are about embedding safety as a core value in everything that we do.

Response to Preventable Incidents

The safety stand down was created in response to several serious and preventable incidents in research laboratories and facilities across the university. To reaffirm its commitment to safety, the U of A called on supervisors to acknowledge their roles and responsibilities related to safety practices and to implement measures related to supervision, hazard assessment, training and emergency preparedness.

The first safety stand down took place in 2022. Information sessions and meetings took place over two months resulting in increased awareness for all involved and a renewed commitment from business areas and leadership to prioritize preventative safety.