At the University of Alberta we seek out challenges so we can create change. We collaborate and integrate. Managers propel this vision forward by building unstoppable teams and skillfully managing the here and now.

Managers execute the strategic direction and move operational goals forward by planning and organizing work. They allocate and control resources. They align their team and set expectations to achieve goals. They monitor performance and help people to grow by providing timely and effective feedback.

Our Management Intensive Program supports managers with the essential skills they need to build high performing, effective teams that meet operational goals and move the strategic vision forward.

Leadership + management: What’s the difference?

Put succinctly, good management produces “order and consistency,” and good leadership produces “change and movement” (Northouse, 2022, p.12).

Difference between Management and Leadership
Management Leadership
  • Deals with the here and now.
  • Organizes, designs, plans work.
  • Develops and evolves processes.
  • Supports and monitors performance.
  • Develops roles and responsibilities.
  • Forward looking.
  • Creates a vision.
  • Disrupts and pivots.
  • Inspires, energizes and empowers.
  • Co-creates team culture.

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