Code of Conduct: Conflicts of Interest

The Code of Conduct: Employees' Obligations Respecting Conflicts of Interest (the "Code") along with university policies, procedures and collective agreements work together to define the university's ethical standards and provide individuals with principles to guide their behaviour. As an employee of the University of Alberta, it is your responsibility to read, understand and comply with the Code.

Avoiding + Managing Conflicts of Interest

In pursuit of academic freedom and excellence in teaching and research, the university and members of the university community frequently engage in activities or situations where actual or perceived conflicts will exist, or which raises the potential of actual or perceived conflicts. Rather than disallow all conflicts, the university assesses conflict considerations and, when appropriate, permits certain managed conflict. Conflict is permitted only if it can be managed in a way that:

  • is compliant with legislation;
  • considers, protects and serves the interest, integrity and reputation of the university; and,
  • withstands the test of reasonable and independent scrutiny.

To maintain public trust and confidence, the university manages conflict in a fair, open, consistent, and practical manner. All members of the university share in the responsibility to appropriately address conflict.

Ethical Conduct + Impartiality

Ethical Conduct

All employees are prohibited from acting in self-interest or furthering their private interest by virtue of their position or through carrying out their duties and shall maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.


Employees are required to conduct themselves impartially in fulfilling their university duties. This means employees must discharge their duties in a non-partisan manner.

Violations + Reporting

Employees of the university are encouraged to report conduct that does not meet the university's ethical standards. Learn more about Violations and Reporting.

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The information provided is for information purposes only. Should any discrepancy be found between this website and the actual Code of Conduct: Employees' Obligations Respecting Conflicts of Interest, the latter will prevail.