Learning and Development

At the University of Alberta we are committed to creating change, questioning and challenging the status quo, driving excellence, and leading with purpose.

We help employees to meet these challenges through the training programs, workshops, and on-demand learning that supports the development of the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and mindset that increases personal effectiveness, accountability, and growth.

How we approach learning

Our learning and development programming is designed to activate positive change. We ground our training programs in research and our facilitators are experts in their field.

Our training programs and workshops are: 

  1. Experiential: We believe learning by doing is most effective.
  2. Reflective: We believe in drawing on learners’ lived experience.
  3. Interactive: We believe there is wisdom in the room. We believe in developing a learning community. 
  4. Practical: We believe that practical application best supports learners in their day to day work and professional growth.
  5. Transformational: We believe learning is most powerful when it engages in a process that questions learners' beliefs, assumptions and perspectives.

Learning Curriculum

Online Learning Partners

Important notice about Academic Impressions. Please visit the website for more information. Academic Impressions provides extensive leadership and professional development resources designed specifically for colleges and universities. 

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is a made-in-Canada solution designed to address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace through live and interactive webinars, knowledge repository that includes 600+ documents, reports, toolkits, templates and other content, conferences, special events and more.

Employee and Family Assistance Program online courses offer a wide range of e-courses on a variety of topics including but not limited to effective parenting, taking control of your mood, resilience, embracing workplace change, respect in the workplace, and many more.

Excellence Canada provides monthly live sessions, on demand webinars and certification programs in wide-ranging topics, including process management, leading change management, strategy and planning and more. 

Campus Learning Resources

In addition to learning and development opportunities offered by Human Resources, Health Safety and Environment, U of A faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows have access to professional development opportunities from a number of campus providers. With topics ranging from teaching and learning, technology, health and safety, to equity, diversity and inclusivity, the University of Alberta campus has wide ranging learning opportunities. Start exploring today!

other learning providers

Access Gale Courses for free through these public libraries:

Access language learning and test-prep courses for free through these public libraries:

Bibliothèque de Beaumont Library, Fort Saskatchewan Library and Leduc Public Library also provide free access to several other learning courses. Check your local library's website to see what online courses they provide access to.

Access to resources from external providers may be subject to change.

Upcoming Learning Events