Information for Supervisors

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At the U of A we know that one of the most important contributions supervisors make to the long term organization is effective onboarding. Effective onboarding accelerates a new employee’s learning, drives employee success, fosters engagement and supports retention.

Supervisors lead the onboarding process and play the most important role in an employee’s onboarding journey. The degree of supervisor support felt by new employees impacts role clarity, job satisfaction, retention, and engagement.

The U of A Onboarding program is focused on the employee and supervisor experience. It is an institutional process that bridges employee success during the first 90 days and complements unit onboarding activities. The program is designed to help supervisors foster employee performance and to create a consistent and coherent onboarding experience that helps new employees become fully immersed into their role, their team and the broader organization.

Access the U of A Onboarding Toolkit for a library of flexible onboarding tools to support you in your role, including the Onboarding Checklist, 90-Day Plan Guide and Template, communication templates and much more.

Not sure where to start? Register for the Starting Strong: Orientation for Supervisors Onboarding Employees or reach out to your HR Partner.

U of A onboarding Program TARGET AUDIENCE

The U of A Onboarding Program will be launched in phases.

Phase 1 |  Focus: Onboarding Checklist and Employee Orientation Course

  • Employee Onboarding Checklist (currently available in the U of A Onboarding Toolkit )
    • Target Audience: FTE Support Staff, MAPS, APOs, TLAPO
  • Employee Orientation Course (available July 5)
    • This course is a streamlined version of the current course
    • Target Audience: FTE Support Staff, MAPS, APOs, TLAPO
  • Faculty Onboarding checklist (available mid-Juy) 
    • Target Audience: Academic Faculty, FSO, Librarians, TRAS, ATS

Phase 2 |  Focus: Tailored Orientation Courses

  • Employee Orientation Course for Casual Staff (available late July, 1.25 hours)
  • Faculty Orientation Course
    • Target Audience: Academic faculty, FSOs, Librarians, TRAS, ATS  (available late August, 1.5 hours)

Student staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows are currently not a target audience of the Onboarding Program.