U of A Onboarding Program


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You may have transitioned to a new role or are brand new to the University of Alberta. We are so glad you chose to be a part of our exceptional community of teachers, scholars, colleagues and students, and we look forward to supporting you throughout your onboarding experience at the University of Alberta.

In joining us, you are advancing the core strengths of the university including outstanding research excellence, commitment to providing the best learning experience to our students, faculty engaged in research and teaching, and staff who are so important to delivering all that we do here.

A great onboarding experience will set you up for success, help you develop a sense of belonging, and empower you to positively contribute to the university’s mission and priorities. We want you to grow and thrive in your new role, and we have designed an onboarding experience that will support you in your journey.

The U of A Onboarding Program is designed to:

  • Reaffirm your employment decision with a positive onboarding experience
  • Empower you to copilot your onboarding journey
  • Accelerate your learning and competency development
  • Provide direction and support in navigating your new role
  • Connect you with key stakeholders and resources
  • Foster a sense of belonging, engagement, and shared purpose
  • Support the growth mindset required to contribute to the advancement the university’s mission, values, and priorities
  • Build your confidence

Getting Started

To support you in your onboarding journey, here are some important tools and resources:

  • Onboarding Toolkit ( accessible with your Campus Computing ID (CCID) only):  The toolkit is designed to support effective onboarding and collaboration between you and those leading, supporting, and facilitating the process. Access information about onboarding roles and responsibilities, as well as a library of flexible, role specific resources, tools, and templates.
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist and Resources Guide: This checklist offers a detailed account of typical pre-boarding activities, required documentation, and what to expect for your first 90 days. Save a copy of this document as a tool to keep track of important tasks associated with your onboarding journey. Your supervisor may have additional activities that can be added to your Employee Onboarding Checklist.
  • 90-Day Plan Overview and Template: Your supervisor will lay out objectives and key deliverables in a 90-Day Plan. This is a critical tool that will help you keep on track with progressing towards role specific and developmental goals.
  • U of A Employee Orientation Course ( accessible with your Campus Computing ID (CCID) only) : is designed to set you on the right path in your new role, and is intended to complement faculty, unit and job specific onboarding. To support your success, this course is required by all new employees within 30 days of beginning your appointment.