Information for New and Transitioning Employees

The onboarding resources are currently being reviewed to increase effectiveness and enhance user experience. Stay tuned for updates on the revised resources! If you have any feedback in using these resources, please reach out to us at

President Bill Flanagan Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the University of Alberta! Thank you for choosing to join our exceptional community of teachers, scholars, colleagues and students.

We welcome new staff to the University as well as support staff who are transitioning to new roles. In joining us, you are advancing the core strengths of the university including outstanding research excellence, commitment to providing the best learning experience to our students, faculty engaged in research and teaching, and staff who are so important to delivering all that we do here. Thank you for your extraordinary effort.

Whether you are new to the university or transitioning to a new role, you will learn about the diverse community you are working in, and yourself. It is important to us that you feel welcome and have the tools and support necessary to be successful and we have provided some onboarding guides to help you out. The guides cover the steps you need to take during your first day, first week, first quarter, and first year. Use the information in the guides to get started with your career at the U of A.

Before You Join

Congratulations on your new position! This guide provides you with information you will need prior to your first day.

Your First Day

Exciting. Overwhelming. Important. First days are all of these things. Here are some items to do as you get to know your new supervisor, co-workers and your new position.

Your First Week

Getting more familiar with the requirements of your new position? It's time to take the next steps.

Your First Month

Continue to get the training and development you need, join other staff for a Virtual Orientation and Networking event and explore U of A cultural and recreational opportunities.

First Quarter

One full quarter is completed.Continue to plan for success by accessing ongoing professional development in line with business needs.

Your First Year

A whole year has passed! You've learned so much about your position, the university community and your co-workers. Take the time now to reflect on your experience and accomplishments.