U of A Employee Orientation Course


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The University of Alberta Employee Orientation Course is designed to help you copilot your onboarding journey and set you on a path where you can thrive and grow in your role. Combined with the U of A Onboarding Program, this self-paced, multimodal, and interactive course provides you with a structured overview of the university’s mission, values, priorities and community expectations. Throughout the course, you will be equipped with tools and resources to support your onboarding journey.

To support your success, all new employees are required to complete this course within 30 days of beginning their appointment.*

What the course provides you with

  • Tools and resources to copilot your onboarding journey
  • Timely information to support a smooth onboarding journey
  • An understanding of the U of A’s mission, values, priorities, and important policies and procedures
  • The opportunity to reflect on your service excellence competencies and discuss with your supervisor
  • Tools and resources to help you develop a positive supervisory relationship and prepare for milestone check-ins

Access the Course


How the course works

  1. New employees are automatically enrolled in the course through the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training site
  2. Begin the course on or before your first day of work and progress at your own pace, completing it within the first month of your role. Your progress is saved allowing you to pick up where you left off.
  3. Upon completion of the course, download your record of completion. Your supervisor will be notified of your successful completion.
  4. Attend the Faculty and Staff Orientation Event (offered quarterly) upon completion of the course.

If you are a current or transitioning employee who wishes to take the course, you are invited to enroll in the course in the HSE Training site using your CCID.

*Employees who do not have a dedicated computer as part of their role can complete the required training by accessing a campus computer lab. CCID and password is required to log into the computers.

Course Overview


Module 1: Copilot Your Onboarding Journey

Learn about your role and responsibilities, develop strategies to build and maintain your relationship with your supervisor, and access tools and resources to copilot your onboarding journey


Module 2: Who We Are–Leading with Purpose

Learn about the university’s vision, mission, and values and build an understanding of its structure and University of Alberta for Tomorrow (UAT).

Module 3: Our Priorities

Develop an understanding of the two key institutional priorities: 1) Indigenous Initiatives; and, 2) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity

Module 4: Community Expectations–University Policies and Procedures

Learn about university policies and procedures that govern behaviour to ensure the safety, dignity and inclusion of all members of the U of A community.

Module 5: A Healthy and Safe Workplace

Develop your understanding of Health, Safety and Environment services and expectations to facilitate safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible work, research and learning.

Learn about health, wellbeing, and safe disclosure resources and support available to U of A employees.

Module 6: My Employment

Develop an understanding of your employment relationship by learning about employee types and union associations. Review the terms and conditions of your employment.


Module 7: Creating a Culture of Service Excellence

Develop an understanding of service excellence culture as an organizational priority and shared responsibility. Complete your service excellence self-assessment and prepare for a conversation with your supervisor.

Module 8: Looking Ahead–Learning and Development

Learn about resources, training, and development programming available to you when you are ready to explore new competencies, build your knowledge and expertise, or prepare for new opportunities.

Phase 2 of the Onboarding Program, which is currently under consideration, will expand the scope and topics included in the U of A Employee Orientation Course.