Leadership Development

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At the University of Alberta we believe that leaders thrive when they develop the ability to encourage and channel the contributions of others, by taking a stand on and addressing important issues, and acting as a catalyst for change.

Leadership development is a process, not just a program. Continuous development and enhancement of leadership development systems and learning initiatives are a necessary part of supporting leaders and emerging leaders. Leaders require both management and leadership skills.

Leadership Development learning opportunities at the University of Alberta encourage practical application of knowledge and skills through specific leadership initiatives or action learning projects. Support for these initiatives include coaching, project based opportunities, and access to resources that support effective leadership practices.

We have a variety of programs targeted at particular audiences, based on differing competencies required.

For support staff seeking to enhance their own personal leadership:

For any staff who supervises other UofA Staff:

For academic staff who lead or influence others, formally or informally

In addition, the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) offers information sessions, workshops, and collaborative learning opportunities for:

Vice Provosts 
Vice Deans
Chairs (& chair-like positions in non-departmentalized faculties)

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