Health + Well-being Education

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At the University of Alberta we are committed to supporting our people first because we know our success depends on it. We are committed to A Culture of Care where psychological, cultural and physical safety are at the heart of health and well-being.

We approach learning about health and well-being as an opportunity for you to map your own path toward health, happiness and a state of well-being. While these paths may be different for each of us there are also common experiences in the workplace that require specific attention: the toll that workload and work-related stress take on our sense of well-being and the need to build connections that rely on a culture of trust and respect.

We deeply value your interest in and participation in our learning opportunities toward health and well-being. The recent People Strategy results reinforce our learning curriculum framework and provide general themes to focus our attention in the coming years.


We Care tipsheets

Our We Care Program launched health + well-being tipsheets in 2024. These tipsheets are available for download and can accompany our course: Starting the Conversation: Introduction to Mental Well-being available for teams and individuals. Digital links are provided below for download. All downloads include active hyperlinks so you can get where you need to be quickly and efficiently.

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COURSES 2024/2025

We know that investing in the mental health and well-being of our employees is a critical part of creating a Culture of Care: specifically, learning how to support ourselves to manage the effects of work-related stress. Our course schedule evolves throughout the year as employee needs are expressed and integrated into new offerings.


Central to our learning framework are core human needs, personal values + purpose, interconnectedness within a caring workplace. The four pillars in this learning framework are employee centered, holistic and proactive. Alignment of these pillars lead to life-work harmony and enables our employees to thrive in their work roles.