Assisting Colleagues in Distress

Faculty and staff play a vital role in supporting and promoting positive mental health and maintaining a healthy, caring community on campus.

Guide for Assisting Colleagues in Distress


Recognize changes in behaviour.


Respond with empathy, care and concern.


Refer to appropriate resources.

Not Myself Today

Not Myself Today® is a CMHA workplace mental health communications platform. The goal of the platform is to increase mental health literacy to assist managers, supervisors and colleagues to openly discuss mental health and those facing mental health challenges, thereby reducing stigma. Socializing mental health conversations helps to build a psychologically safe and supportive work environment.

We all have days when we just don’t feel like ourselves and it helps to understand that feeling a range of emotions is a part of everyday life. Mental health can affect our workplace, and work can affect our mental health.

Upcoming Opportunities

HRHSE guides leaders through the platform and connects the modules with university specific support. Not Myself Today is run two to three times per year. If you are interested in an upcoming opportunity, email