Culture + Well-being

At the University of Alberta, we align with the following statement from the World Health Organization (WHO), which frames our efforts in supporting the health and well-being of our community:

“The workplace recognizes the whole person and directly influences the physical, mental/emotional, financial and social well-being of workers and in turn the health of their families, communities and society.” – WHO

Physical Well-being

Nov. 2023

Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey

Results from the Faculty and Staff Staff Engagement Survey are now available. Thank you to those who attended the town halls this month and participated in thoughtful discussions. If you were unable to attend, or wish to revisit the discussion, the recordings are available to watch on the web page.

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The health and well-being of faculty and staff directly impacts the education, work and research that takes place across our campuses. By promoting healthy, preventative and restorative individual health practices, the university strives to cultivate work environments that promote creativity and innovation.

The university values each of its members of faculty and staff and encourages a culture of care that is supportive and free of judgement. When people feel appreciated, respected and satisfied in their roles, supported by safe, healthy environments, they will ultimately be more engaged, connected and productive.

Healthy Campuses

Healthy Campuses provides community-wide initiatives to foster healthy working, learning and living environments for faculty, students and staff.

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