Recognition + Reward

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Our Goal

Effectively and appropriately recognize both individual and collective achievements of community members and ensure individuals feel their contributions are valued. Examples include:

  • Accomplishments are recognized and celebrated in an authentic and timely manner.
  • Achievements and innovations are recognized as the result of collective contributions.
  • While milestones are celebrated, shared accomplishments and individual efforts are acknowledged on a consistent and ongoing basis.
  • The institution continually seeks a variety of avenues to recognize people beyond their total compensation.
  • Relationships and interactions between supervisors/managers and faculty/staff are characterized by ongoing appreciation and communication.
  • We have a culture of appreciation and gratitude for the contributions and accomplishments of others. Individuals regularly acknowledge and give credit for the work of their colleagues.
  • Everyone respects the roles of their colleagues and the unique skills they contribute to creating a valuable and diverse workplace.

Learn about the National Standard – Recognition and Reward

Call to Action

Faculties and departments recognize individual and collective accomplishments. Individual effort is validated on an ongoing basis. This will be achieved through:

  • Ongoing review and revision of existing award and recognition opportunities to ensure that they are reflective of institution values and diversity.
  • Raising awareness of, and participation in, institutional and departmental recognition programs (Retirement Celebration, Celebration of Service, EDI awards).
  • Participation in academic recognition programs (teaching awards).
  • Recognizing distinguished contributions in a variety of roles and responsibilities (annual APO,FSO, MAPS and Librarian and Support Staff Recognition Awards).
  • Leveraging performance review processes to formalize recognition and demonstrate appreciation for individuals’ contributions.
  • Providing professional growth opportunities to reward good work and recognize individual and collective potential.

Institutional resources include but are not limited to:

  • Wellness Champions Award.
  • FEC/PREP-D/Support Staff Performance Review.
  • Development for supervisors/managers and employees (giving and receiving feedback, professional development planning, etc.).

For additional resources and learning opportunities related to this risk factor check out our support inventory.

Information directly modified from:  CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace , Workplace Strategies for Mental Health  and  Guarding Minds at Work .