Growth + Development

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Our Goal

To be recognized as a visionary institution that supports and encourages development, resilience and life-long learning.

This will be achieved through:

  • Supporting the development of interpersonal and technical competencies, as well as development of skills for emotional and physical well-being, for current roles and future career mobility.
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration and research.
  • Embracing innovative thought, practices and technologies that have local, national and global impact.

Learn about the National Standard – Growth and Development

Call to Action

Faculties and departments recognize that investing in the growth of individuals results in institutional advancement. Faculties and departments share the responsibility to provide feedback, new opportunities and challenges for individuals to develop and refine their skills. They also encourage ideas for new opportunities and innovative practices.

Intellectual, emotional and professional growth will be achieved through:

  • Investing in and supporting growth and development through a variety of formal and informal forms of professional learning opportunities and health promotion.
  • Creating a foundation for a learning culture through policies, communities of practice, and systems, including sustainable infrastructure. 
  • Encouraging all faculty and staff to regularly engage in setting attainable goals for professional and interpersonal development, including revising and leveraging annual performance review and evaluation planning processes.
  • Supporting supervisors, managers and leaders to engage in regular conversations about learning and career development goals.

The institution will provide to campus community members:

  • Career paths and opportunities for career mobility.
  • Equitable funding and time to enhance skills .
  • Opportunities for individuals to share their learning with others and apply what they learn.
  • Systems, supports and education for effective hiring and promotion.
  • Supports for supervisors, managers and leaders to engage in open dialogue with individuals about their career goals, and reflect on opportunities for fulfillment and professional growth.

Institutional resources include but are not limited to:

For additional resources and learning opportunities related to this risk factor check out our support inventory.

Information directly modified from:  CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace , Workplace Strategies for Mental Health  and  Guarding Minds at Work .