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Our Goal

The University creates an environment where individuals can not only pursue balance and harmony but can thrive in meeting the multiple demands of their life as a whole.

  • As a forward-thinking institution, we provide progressive, proactive, responsive and sustainable supports to enable individuals to cope with life challenges.
  • The University regularly reviews its efforts to address the ever-changing needs of its community members.
  • A culture of care and support is fostered, encouraging individuals to seek support for life events and minimize the conflict between work, family and other roles.

The university ensures individuals are empowered to pursue harmony and reduce conflict in their multiple life roles by:

  • Supporting individuals by providing programs, services, or information to assist them in addressing their health and well-being. 
  • Supervisors recognizing people as unique and complex individuals and demonstrate empathy and compassion towards their situations. 
  • The institution allocating resources to raise awareness and promote services for pursuing harmony and healthy choices.

Learn about the National Standard – Balance

Call to Action

Leaders, managers and supervisors ensure information is provided about resources available.

Leaders, managers and supervisors engage with their staff to explore ways to balance multiple demands and actively support individuals while they are addressing these challenges. 

Individuals are encouraged to build resiliency and insight to achieve their own ongoing harmony. 

Individuals proactively seek support when they are feeling challenged by changing demands or conflicting priorities.

Institutional resources include but are not limited to:

For additional resources and learning opportunities related to this risk factor check out our support inventory.

Information directly modified from:  CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace , Workplace Strategies for Mental Health  and  Guarding Minds at Work .