Health + Dental

The information in this section applies to all employees eligible to participate in the university’s benefit plans.

For details on what your plan covers, refer to the plan documents applicable to your appointment.

The health and dental plans are administered by Sun Life Financial.

New to Benefits
Start by registering for your Sun Life account.

Making a Claim
Most expenses, including prescription drugs and dental fees, are billed directly. Other expenses you pay can be submitted to Sun Life for reimbursement. Visit the Making a Claim page to learn more.

Health Spending Account
Your Health Spending Account can be used to cover expenses not covered by the health and dental plans.

FACET Specialty Drug Approval Benefit
If you or a dependent are prescribed specialty drug therapy for a complex condition, our specialty drug prior authorization program, called FACET, will ensure you receive the best drug.

Out-of-Country Travel
The university plan includes emergency medical coverage if you are traveling outside of Canada.

Coordination of Benefits
If you or a dependent are covered by more than one plan, you will need to coordinate your benefits.

Fraud Protection
The university and Sun Life have fraud protections in place and employees are responsible for the proper use of the benefits plan.