Faculty + Staff Engagement Survey

Your feedback is directly shaping the future of the University of Alberta.

At the University of Alberta, our excellence and leadership starts with people—people with ideas, talent and purpose. We are taking deliberate steps to support students, faculty and staff members to create a culture where everyone can achieve their full potential. 

The U of A is conducting a comprehensive, university-wide survey every two years to understand and support the engagement of all U of A faculty members, staff members, and teams. The purpose of the survey is to measure and understand perceptions of the U of A as a place to work—what we are doing well and where there are opportunities for growth and improvement.

Read the 2023 Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate during the survey period in May. The survey results are now available for all employees to review. The 2023 survey results are a baseline for the university to gauge its progress survey-over-survey.

Overview of results

Read the overview of results Lire l'aperçu des résultats

Full survey results* (CCID login required)

Read the full survey results Lire les résultats complets de l'enquête

The university is committed to listening and acting on employee feedback to drive positive change. Team leaders from across the university are accountable for developing and implementing engagement action plans to enhance engagement and enablement levels within their departments, faculties and units.

*The "Enhanced Anonymity" feature within Qualtrics has been turned on to ensure data can not be filtered within any category if the threshold of five respondents has not been met for each option within the category.

Engage with the 2023 results

A message from our people leaders

Employee engagement data shows areas for improvement and highlights areas of strength, as the university continues to strive for improvements. Verna Yiu, Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and Todd Gilchrist, Vice-President (University Services and Finance) discuss how the results will be used as building blocks for positive change.

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Town Halls

All employees are invited to attend town halls on either November 6 or 16. Verna Yiu, Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and Todd Gilchrist, Vice-President (University Services and Finance) will discuss the survey results and all staff are encouraged to share their feedback and ask questions.

If you are interested in participating and asking questions in the town halls, please join using the Zoom links. If you receive a message that the meeting has reached capacity, or if you prefer to just watch, please use the live stream link.

November 6 Town Hall

Watch the recording 

November 16 Town Hall

 Watch the recording 

Team leaders

People leaders across every work group will play a key role as we begin action planning. Supervisors with at least five survey respondents among their direct reports have access to a dashboard of team-specific survey results. A dashboard guide (English or French), leader’s guide (English or French) and slides from the post-survey leaders' webinar (CCID login required) are available to support you.

Survey Benefits

The university has undergone restructuring through University of Alberta for Tomorrow (UAT). As we look to the future as One University, the faculty and staff engagement survey will not only measure where we are today, but will be key to increasing engagement in order to achieve the institution's goals and ensure sustainable change.

Conducting the Survey

Following a Request for Proposals (RFP), Korn Ferry was selected as the successful vendor to administer the 2023 Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey. They are a well-known industry provider with demonstrated experience in engagement surveys. Korn Ferry has partnered with Qualtrics and will be using the Qualtrics platform to distribute the survey.

Survey Alignment with our Culture of Care + Equity, Diversity + Inclusion

Faculty and staff input is particularly important in shaping a culture of inclusion and belonging at the U of A. This shared commitment begins with ensuring all members of our community feel safe, valued and respected. Such a culture can only thrive when we all participate in its co-creation.


  • Prepare for survey launch
  • FAQs for managers and employees
  • Toolkit for leaders
  • Introductory webinar
  • Survey administered to all employees by Korn Ferry
  • Survey results shared with supervisors and faculty and staff members
  • Town halls on survey results
  • Webinars and leaders’ guide for supervisors
  • Action planning starts
  • Implementation of action plans and follow-up reporting
  • People Strategy realized