Compensation Disclosure List

The Alberta government's Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act (2015) requires that the University of Alberta disclose the name, position, compensation, non-monetary benefits and severance for all employees whose total compensation plus severance exceeds an annual threshold. Remuneration paid to members of the Board of Governors will also be disclosed. Disclosure must be published annually on or before June 30 for compensation paid in the previous calendar year. Employees who terminated between January 1 and June 30 that received pay in lieu of notice, pay during a period of notice and/or severance pay and the total of those amounts exceeds the threshold will be included on the disclosure list each December. The disclosure list will identify the name and the amount of severance. Any other compensation will be reported on the next June's disclosure.

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act applies to more than 150 agencies, boards, and commissions, to independent offices of the Alberta Legislature, and to employees of Convenant Health. Visit the Alberta Government Public sector body compensation disclosure web page  to learn more about the Act.

Questions + Concerns

Ria Ames, Associate Vice-President Shared Services

Some individuals on this list may be fully or partially seconded to other public sector agencies. Only the public sector agency that issues the T4 is required to disclose the employee's compensation information in accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act. Other agencies may also disclose the total compensation of a seconded individual for full transparency if authorized by the employee to do so.

Due to administrative error, certain amounts reported in 2015-2019 in the “other” benefits column omitted and/or duplicated a portion of supplemental retirement plan benefits . Those have been fully updated with corrected figures effective June 29, 2021 in accordance with the Ministry’s procedures, and the affected individuals have been notified.