Laboratory Safety

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) offers the following services to assist researchers who are working in a laboratory environment at the University of Alberta:

  • Consultation with researchers to answer environmental, health and safety-related questions.
  • Review and approval of research involving hazardous materials.
  • Inspections of laboratories to verify safe practices.
  • Inspection and authorization of certain laboratory equipment.
  • Development of resources such as guidelines, templates and training tools to facilitate safe work practices.

Ensure that you understand and follow the steps to set up, maintain and close out your laboratory safely.

Setting up a Laboratory at the University

  1. Before you begin, complete the New Principal Investigator Survey to notify HSE where you will be working and what research you will be conducting.
  2. Follow the steps to set up your research space safely and to ensure that all members of the research team are trained and competent to begin work.

Once Research is Underway

  1. Regularly inspect your workplace and equipment and correct outstanding issues. Learn how to on Inspections and Maintenance. HSE will contact you annually (or more frequently, depending on the work you will be doing) to set up a formal laboratory inspection. 
  2. Review Environment and Safety and Resources routinely for the latest eLearning courses, guidelines, manuals and information documents. 

Closing out the Space (permanently or for a renovation)

If you are leaving the university, transitioning to a new space, or shutting your laboratory during a renovation or repair visit the close out or renovate a lab page.