Psychological Health + Safety

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As employees, we all play a significant role in creating and sustaining a healthy work environment. But in order to do our part, we need to understand what it means to be part of a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. 

The material found here is designed to raise awareness and understanding about workplace factors and how they contribute to psychological safety. 

Learn more about:

  • how you can improve your own health, well-being and safety.
  • the responsibilities you have in contributing to a healthy and safe workplace.
  • tools to help you discuss your workplace concerns and needs with supervisors and colleagues.
  • how to effectively balance work and life demands.
  • how to positively contribute to the university community.
  • additional resources, services and policies.

Introductory Overview


Psychosocial Risk Factors

Review the following 13 factors to help you understand how you can contribute to a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. Explore each factor and how you can contribute by selecting from the menu on the left.

For additional resources and learning opportunities related to each risk factor check out our support inventory

This framework has been developed in accordance with the national standard of Canada for Psychological health and safety in the workplace .

Developed by Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment in partnership with Environment, Health and Safety.