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Our Goal

Engagement is a heightened emotional and intellectual connection that an individual has for their role, organization, leader(s), and colleagues that influences them to apply discretionary effort. It is about creating an inclusive environment where individuals and the collective can excel, and where individuals can bring their whole selves to our work, feel valued and supported, and have a sense of purpose and connection. Faculty, staff and the campus community have the responsibility to commit to furthering the vision, mission and values of the organization.

This will be achieved through:

  • Providing regular opportunities for collegial relationship-building.
  • Recognition of exemplary individual contributions, partnerships, and collaborations.
  • Active efforts to nurture connections between individuals and the institution so individuals are motivated to be ambassadors of the institution.
  • Creating a culture of care, where all members of our community feel valued and respected. 
  • Implementation of a broad and robust engagement survey, and creation of action plans based on results.

Learn about the National Standard – Engagement

Call to Action

The University leverages institution-wide engagement survey results, and actively evolves the organizational culture by addressing feedback. 

Faculties and departments commit to engaging members and creating opportunities for faculty and staff members to flourish. 

Faculties and departments are committed to developing their leaders to build staff engagement.

Faculties and departments provide meaningful ways to address conditions in the workplace that prevent individuals from contributing their talents in a significant way.

Individuals bring the best of themselves to campus. They are excited to be a part of the community and act to invest in the community’s growth. 

Institutional resources include but are not limited to:

For additional resources and learning opportunities related to this risk factor check out our support inventory.

Information directly modified from:  CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace , Workplace Strategies for Mental Health  and  Guarding Minds at Work .