Psychological Competencies + Requirements

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Our Goal

The Institution encourages hiring and promotion practices and processes that are fair, transparent and inclusive, and value diversity of thought, identity and experience.

We emphasize the aptitudes, skills and competencies required for individuals to be successful in their roles. These include interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence necessary to contribute to a successful team, such as compassion, respect for others, and the ability to build connection and belonging in a diverse workplace. We seek congruence between individuals’ strengths and capacity and their roles, and support the growth and development needed to be successful. 

Individuals are aware of their strengths and they are supported in growing towards their individual career goals. They have the interpersonal and emotional skills to be successful in their positions and are confident in their ability to do their job. 

Learn about the National Standard – Psychological Demands

Call to Action

We will achieve this by:

  • Identifying core competencies for leadership roles.
  • Offering ongoing professional growth opportunities and professional learning.
  • Supporting leaders to engage in ongoing dialogue with staff regarding career aspirations.
  • Providing an infrastructure that allows for career mobility within the organization, and provide opportunities for people to find roles suited to their skills, abilities and aspirations. 

Institutional resources include but are not limited to:

  • EFAP career counselling.
  • Career development workshops.
  • Emotional intelligence workshops.
  • Core competency education ( Pathways Learning Series).
  • Leadership development opportunities.
  • Secondments and special projects.
  • Job evaluation and performance review processes.
  • Taking Control of Your Career (e-course).

For additional resources and learning opportunities related to this risk factor check out our support inventory.

Information directly modified from:  CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace , Workplace Strategies for Mental Health  and  Guarding Minds at Work .