Ending Employment

Your benefit coverage ends on your date of termination. This section has more information on claim deadlines, converting your group insurance and when to expect your pension statements.

Claim Deadlines

Any outstanding health, dental, Health Spending Account or Personal Spending Account claims must be submitted to Sun Life before March 31 after the end of the calendar year in which you leave.

Employees eligible for the child care benefit can claim expenses incurred up to the date of termination. You must submit a completed Child Care Benefit form  with supporting documentation to the Staff Service Centre within 30 days of your termination date.

Employees eligible for Personal Expense Reimbursement will have their allocation prorated in the year they terminate. You must submit any expenses within 30 days of your termination date.

Converting Your Life + Critical Illness Insurance

To convert your group insurance to an individual policy without medical evidence, you must apply to the insurer within 31 days of your termination date. When your application is processed, the insurer will send you a certificate of insurance and confirm premiums due.

Converting Your Life and/or Critical Illness Insurance
Life Insurance Critical Illness
Age Requirement

You must be under age 65 on the day you end employment.

If you wish to convert optional dependent life insurance, both you and your dependent(s) must also be under age 65.

You must be under age 65 on the day you end employment.
Maximum Conversion Amount $200,000
(Basic and optional coverage combined)
(Basic and optional coverage combined)
How to Apply Complete Section 2 of the Canada Life Group Life Conversion Form  and forward it to the Staff Service Centre Call Industrial Alliance at 1-800-266-5667 or visit the iA Financial Group website


Receiving Your Pension Options

Once your employment termination status has been processed, the university will notify the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) or Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP).

  • The pension plan administrator will mail a pension statement directly to your home address on file. The statement will outline your payment options. Please note some of these are time sensitive.
  • More information, including who to contact with questions, is available at the PSPP  or UAPP  websites.

Purchasing Prior Service + Leave of Absence

If you had a leave of absence in the year that you terminated employment, you will be sent a Notice of Cost. This purchase must be paid in full prior to the deadline outlined on the Notice of Cost and may delay your options package.

If you are currently purchasing prior service or a leave of absence, the outstanding balance is due as of your termination date. In order to allow for processing time, you have 60 days from your date of termination to provide payment in full to our office to ensure it is processed within the timeframe allowed. If you choose not to purchase prior service in full, the account will be closed and any service purchased will be credited to your account. This service may not be available for you to purchase in the future.

Employees With Supplementary Retirement Plan Benefits

You will receive your payment option package from the university within six weeks of your termination date.

Employees with Combined Pensionable Service

If you have combined pensionable service with PSPP and UAPP, you will receive separately calculated pensions based on the service you earned in each plan.

When you end employment, the university will submit your pension information to the pension plan associated with the position you are leaving. If you choose to start your pension with either plan, you will need to contact your inactive pension plan to authorize them to create your pension package. For example, if you were active in the UAPP pension plan at the time of retirement or termination, you would need to contact PSPP.

Questions About Combined Pensionable Service

Phone: 1-866-709-2092

Phone: 1-877-453-1777