Statement of Ethical Conduct


Introduction + Purpose

The highest standards of ethical conduct are essential to the success of any great institution. It is the people who work at and serve the University of Alberta who are integral to its success. University staff have a long history of collegiality. They reach their full potential when there is a shared commitment to high ethical standards, mutual respect and civility. Academic freedom, open inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge, which form the foundation of an institution of higher learning, depend on this shared commitment.

This Statement applies to representatives of the University including executive officers, faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, professors emeriti, visiting academics, student employees, contractors when specified in the terms of the contract, members of the Board of Governors, Senate, Alumni Council and others acting on behalf of the University.

This Statement is intended to provide an overview of the standards and aspirations for ethical conduct that representatives of the University of Alberta community strive to uphold and to serve as a reference for University-wide policies and supporting documents that address ethical conduct.

This Statement is meant to be read in conjunction with the Ethical Conduct and Safe Disclosure Policy and other policies referenced in the Statement. The Ethical Conduct and Safe Disclosure Policy says, in part:

"All representatives of the University of Alberta shall maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, in which their actions and behaviours uphold the principles of integrity, respect and accountability, supported by awareness of and compliance with relevant University policies and procedures, staff agreements, government legislation and relevant professional standards."

- Ethical Conduct and Safe Disclosure Policy, approved by the Board of Governors of the University November 2, 2007.

This Statement does not apply to students except when they are in an employment relationship with the University.

See the Code of Student Behaviour (GFC) for expectations of students of the University.