Conflict of Interest + Conflict of Commitment

We understand that our position as representatives of the University of Alberta may put us into conflict situations, in which our own interests may diverge from the interests of the university. We realize that the best test for this is to ask whether an impartial observer might reasonably question whether our actions or decisions could be unduly influenced when we are in such a situation.

We know that it is not possible to eliminate all conflict situations. We therefore disclose such situations so they may be assessed and, if the conflict is determined to be permissible, managed in a way that is compliant with legislation and considers, protects and serves the interests, integrity and reputation of the university, and withstands the test of reasonable and independent scrutiny.

The university's policy on Conflict of Interest and Commitment and Institutional Conflict applies to all staff. Any university staff member who believes they may have a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment must disclose the conflict to their reporting officer.

Disclosure + Assessment of Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment



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