Violations and Reporting

Reporting Suspected Violations

We understand that we are encouraged to report violations of the University's stated expectations regarding ethical conduct, and in certain cases, such as those involving fraud, we have an obligation to report to the appropriate University authority.

We realize that we should only report situations in which we have a reasonable belief that a violation has occurred, and we are aware that the University does not tolerate reports that are malicious, frivolous or vexatious. We are aware that the University has an obligation to provide a safe environment for us to make a report and will not tolerate any act of retaliation against us by anyone accused of a violation.

See: Ethical Conduct and Safe Disclosure Policy (UAPPOL)

See: Ethical Conduct and Safe Disclosure Procedure (UAPPOL)

Agreements with the staff Associations can be found on the Collective Agreements webpage.

See: Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights