Employment, Benefits & Pay Administration

This section provides the tools to help administrate employment, benefits and pay.

Administering Maternity and Parental Leave
A resource for managers and HR practitioners for administering maternity and parental leave

Administering Personal Leave
A resource for managers and HR pracitioners for administering personal leave

What Pay Action Form type(s) to use and How to use eForms

Employee Types
Outlines the various employee types for support staff and student employee positions.

Job Code Directory
Find the appropriate Job Code(s) to use for the various staff and student positions.

Information on paying staff and how to handle the different types of payments.

Pay Period Schedules
Dates and deadlines related to paying staff and students.

Salary and Benefit Adjustments
Tool used to transfer salary and benefit expenses from one combination code to another within PeopleSoft HCM.

Salary Scales
Salary scales for all years and procedures for implementing salary increases.