Pay Period Schedules + Definitions

The payroll schedules have been set to ensure that employees will have proper system access to do their jobs, be enrolled in appropriate health and dental benefit plans, pension plans, receive coverage under the applicable insurance plan(s)(e.g., Workers' Compensation Board, life/critical insurance) and confirm that their income and associated deductions are reported in the proper pay period and tax year. Payroll schedules also ensure the University is compliant with collective agreements, regulations and legislative acts both federally and provincially.

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Pay Date
The date that employees are paid. Most employees receive their pay in their bank account via direct deposit.
Pay Period
The period of time employees work and are being paid for.
APS Deadline
Alfresco Process Services: The application used to submit requests for employee appointments and re-appointments.
eForm/PAF Deadline
eForms and pay action forms (PAFs) are the fillable PDF forms that are approved and sent into HRS for new hires, re-hires, appointment extensions, re-appointments, status changes, promotions, resignations, retirements, etc.
The approved transactions should be processed as they occur, but Human Resource Services must receive them at least two weeks prior to effective date of change. eForms and/or PAFs received by the end of business day on deadline date will be processed and paid in the current pay period. If this deadline is not adhered to, the eForm and/or PAF will be processed and paid in the following pay period.
If you are re-appointing or extending an appointment, it must be submitted before the end date of the current position. If this date is missed, the employee will be terminated automatically which will affect the employee's system access, they will receive no further pay, and their benefits will cease.
Time Entry Deadline
Time worked (hourly employees) and exception time (salaried employees) should be entered daily; this is the last day that time entry for the current pay period can be entered.
Time Approval Deadline
This date is set to one business day prior to the pay confirm date. Time is available and recommended to be approved daily by direct reports. This is the last day in the current payroll cycle available for approval. For salaried employees any time not approved will not be processed for payment. For hourly employees any time entered and not approved beyond this date will be mass approved by payroll and paid.
Pay Confirm
The date that the payroll is finalized for the current pay date and sent to the bank for processing.
Off Cycle Date
The date that payroll processes corrections from the pay date that was just confirmed. All off cycle requests must be into Payroll by 9 a.m. the morning of the off cycle date.

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