Manager and HR Resource: Administering Maternity and Parental Leave

Once an employee notifies their supervisor of a maternity or parental leave, the supervisor must approve the leave and provide their written approval to the department HR contact or HR Partner.

Once approval is received, the Supervisor or Department initiator must complete a Maternity/Parental Leave Submission form. Please refer to the Maternity/Parental Leave Process for Dept & Faculty documentation, which provides the basics and reminders pertaining to the process.

The information provided for the employee types below is a high level summary. For further details please refer to the corresponding QRG_Maternity Parental Leave Summary documents located in HRS Forms and Documentation.

Refer to the collective agreement for eligibility noting that the 52 weeks indicated in our current agreement has now been changed due to Alberta employment standards rules:

  • < 90 days of employment eligible for the 16 weeks of Maternity Leave
  • 90 days of employment or more are eligible for 16 weeks of Maternity Leave and 62 weeks of Parental Leave
  • Leave can start any time within the 13 weeks leading up to the estimated due date and no later than the date of birth.

Medical Verification

  • A note from a physician or a paramedical practitioner.
  • Any additional “illness-related” portion of the leave period, including that related to having a “C-section,” will require a medical verification by a physician.
  • Requests for transfer to a more suitable position during pregnancy must also be supported by a note from a physician.

Top Up

Must have general illness (GI) entitlements to be eligible for Top Up.

Miscarriage or stillbirth

If this unfortunate situation occurs within 16 weeks of the estimated due date, the employee is still entitled to maternity leave but is not entitled to parental leave. The leave will end 16 weeks after it begins.

Return from Leave

Birth mothers are not allowed to resume working for six weeks after the birth of their baby, unless medical documentation is provided in which then they may be allowed to return after one month.

Auxiliary Support Staff

Maternity leave period being approved should not exceed the expected end date indicated. Refer to the tip sheet for further details.

Parental Leave

Faculty, Faculty Service Officer (FSO), Administrative and Professional Officer (APO), and Librarian
  • Probation extension is at the discretion of the Dean and has to be approved by the Provost.
    Eligible to 15 weeks maternity top-up and 10 weeks parental top up, 95% of their regular weekly salary.
  • Receive full benefits (but pension), 26 weeks following receipt of top-up

For Temporary Academics, the maternity leave period being approved should not exceed the employee’s current expected end-date, otherwise, a reappointment has to be submitted to cover the leave period.

Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) and Temporary Librarian, Administrative and Professional Staff (TLAPS)
  • Eligible to 15 weeks maternity top-up, 95% of their regular weekly salary.
  • Receives full benefits (but pension), 26 weeks following receipt of top-up.
Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS)
  • Eligible to 15 weeks maternity top-up, 95% of their regular weekly salary.
  • The Trust Holder can claim childbirth top-up benefits through the Trust Academic Benefits Stabilization Funds (TABS)
  • Eligible for 16 weeks childbirth leave, and an additional 10 weeks of parental leave with 95% salary top up
  • Employee eligible to take up to one year after the birth of the baby of Leave Without Pay with employee paid benefits