Salary and Benefit Adjustments

Salary & Benefit Adjustment (SBA) Process is the transfer of current fiscal year salary and benefit expenses from one combination code (i.e. ChartField string) to another in PeopleSoft HCM. Salary and benefits adjustments completed by Shared Services are limited to prior year corrections, accounts inaccessible to departments or any corrections related to system or human errors.

SBA is a "correction entry" that creates financial entries in PeopleSoft HCM (both debit and credit) which are then posted to the General Ledger.

SBA should be avoided as much as possible as this process requires additional resource efforts across all stakeholders and increases risk of financial reporting errors. It is strongly recommended that salary be charged to the correct combination code(s) when paid. If adjustments are necessary, the SBA should be completed within three months after the salary is incurred.

For more background regarding Salary and Benefit Adjustment, read this message from the Research Services Office.

Salary and Benefit Adjustment Procedure

The purpose of the SBA Procedure is to outline when an SBA is appropriate, list the supporting documentation and approvals required and instruct on the filing and retention of those source documents.

Access the SBA Procedure PDF document.


Salary and Benefit Adjustment Form - Operating - This form is used by pay administrators to transfer expenses (debit lines) to operating funds (F100, F210, F310, F330, F5XX (remaining restricted funds that are not research) and EXXX).

Salary and Benefit Adjustment Form - Research -This form is used by pag administrators to transfer expenses (debit lines) to research (restricted) funds (F530, F531, F535).

Prior Year Correction Form (Research/Endowment) - This form is used by pay administrators to correct salary and benefit expenses from the previous fiscal year that impact a research (restricted) project (debit or credit) or an endowment fund (debit or credit).

Learning Reference Materials

Visit the SBA section of the PeopleSoft HCM Learning Reference Materials, which includes the Salary and Benefits Adjustment (SBA) User Training Guide.