Practitioner Programs

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At the University of Alberta we are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of our teams. We understand the significance of team development opportunities and recognize the need for continuous improvement in our ever-evolving academic environment.

Team Practitioner Programs

Through our comprehensive Team Practitioner Programs, we offer a range of initiatives designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of our university's teams. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted solutions to improve specific workplace conditions. Team Practitioner Program takes learning to the next level by emphasizing collaboration and real-world scenarios. Participants not only develop individual skills but also learn how to work effectively within a team.

In the Team Practitioner Program, you will make use of your real-world work environments, allowing participants to tackle real complex problems with your team. Learners gain practical experience in navigating team dynamics, resolving conflicts, and leveraging the strengths of each team member.

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Design Thinking Practitioner Program

Availability: available now
applying the design thinking Double Diamond process

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Change Management Practitioner Program

Availability: coming soon
Focus: the change management process PROSCI-ADKAR

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Strategic Planning Practitioner Program

Availability: coming soon
formulating a comprehensive plan to guide decision-making and resource allocation

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