Disclosure + Assessment of Conflicts of Interest + Conflicts of Commitment

The university will be vigilant and pro-active concerning conflict. A person engaging in an activity or a situation that involves either existing (actual or perceived) or potential (actual or perceived) conflict shall report the conflict so that it may be assessed and, where appropriate, managed in accordance with the associated procedures. A person shall not engage in, or continue, the activity or situation until the university has assessed whether the conflict is permitted and, if so, how the conflict will be managed.

The university determines whether or not a situation or activity involves conflict. Therefore, all existing or potential conflict must be reported.

What is a Conflict at the University?

The Code defines conflict of interest as a situation in which there is or may be perceived to be a divergence between the private financial benefit or financial interest or personal benefit of a person, family member, or an outside party, and that person's obligations to the university, such that an impartial observer might reasonably question whether related actions to be taken or decisions made by the person would be influenced by consideration of the person's own interests.

The Code defines conflict of commitment as a situation whereby the external or personal activities, undertakings or relationships of a person are so demanding or organized in such a manner or are otherwise such that they may interfere with the person's obligations to the university or to others or institutions that are separate from the university but to whom the person owes an obligation because of their relationship to the university.

If you have questions about what constitutes an actual or perceived conflict contact your Reporting Officer in your Faculty or unit.

Report a Conflict

Conflict is reported using the Disclosure Report for Conflicts of Commitment and Interest.

Annual Reporting

Conflicts are reported annually at the university on a 12-month-in-the-future reporting period. However, all employees are required to report on an ongoing basis should their situation/circumstances change during the reporting period.

Those who must complete an Annual Disclosure Report:

  • Academic Excluded Employees;
  • Faculty, FSOs, Librarians, APOs, MAPS and TRAS Staff Members;
  • ATS Staff Members who are appointed with the contract status of Career, Term 12 and Term 8R.

All other employees must complete an Annual Disclosure Report if they:

  • make financial or hiring decisions;
  • are employed in a unit that has as its primary function the creation of legal relationships with individuals or entities that are not part of the university;
  • may have a conflict arising out of their research activities or out of existing concurrent activity;
  • are considering new concurrent activity.

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The information provided is for information purposes only. Should any discrepancy be found between this website and the actual Code of Conduct: Employees' Obligations Respecting Conflicts of Interest, the latter will prevail.