Managing Concurrent Activities + Supplementary Professional Activities

An employee involved in a concurrent appointment, business, undertaking, employment, or self-employment (collectively "concurrent activity") other than their position with the university may be in a potential conflict. Employees are therefore required to report all concurrent activity, subject to pre-approvals, so that the activity may be assessed for a conflict and where appropriate, managed.

Concurrent activities must be reported in the Disclosure Report as outlined on Disclosure and Assessment of Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment.

Some employees' concurrent activity may be the kind of activity defined as "Supplementary Professional Activities" (or "SPA") in their collective agreement. Where an employee subject to a collective agreement engages in concurrent activity that does not meet the definition of "SPA" under their collective agreement, or where the concurrent activity is not otherwise contemplated within their collective agreement, the employee must report the concurrent activity unless the activity is pre-approved.

Pre-Approved Concurrent Activity

The university deems some concurrent activity to be pre-approved. In those situations, the employee is not required to report the activity unless it otherwise creates an actual or perceived conflict of interest.

For a full description of pre-approved activity, refer to the Code of Conduct: Employees' Obligations Respecting Conflicts of Interest (PDF) .

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The information provided is for information purposes only. Should any discrepancy be found between this website and the actual Code of Conduct: Employees' Obligations Respecting Conflicts of Interest, the latter will prevail.