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The global pandemic has prompted organizations to adopt hybrid work models and to embrace new, more flexible approaches to the workplace. At the University of Alberta the Work From Home (WFH) Program offers employees greater flexibility, work-life balance, and control over where and how they do their best work.

Within the hybrid context, though, leaders, teams, and individual contributors need to rethink how and where work is done to ensure the benefits of the hybrid work model can be fully realized while also meeting operational goals.

The resources on this page provide guidance and strategies to deepen leadership and workplace skills that will increase team effectiveness, engagement, productivity, and wellbeing.

Supporting Inclusion

Fostering a Culture of Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

Feeling a sense of belonging helps employee performance and engagement. Learn about three significant challenges that need to be addressed in support of inclusive teams.

5 Practices to make your hybrid workplace inclusive

Inequities in the workplace have the potential to worsen in the hybrid workplace. Learn about some strategies that can mitigate exclusionary practices.

Coaching as a tool to support inclusive environments

Learn about how to use a coaching approach to support inclusion and accountability.

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Leading a Hybrid Workforce: 5 Tips

Develop strategies in helping your team shift to the hybrid workplace as a “new normal” while developing agility, resilience, and inclusive practices.

5 Powerful Ways to Take REAL Action on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Learn 5 ways to infuse your leadership and culture with greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Live + On-demand Courses

Leading More Inclusively

(Self-paced, multimodal learning plan | 3 hours)

Leaders need to be able to relate to and lead people from all walks of life. Learn why leading more inclusively boosts your credibility as a leader, creates a strong professional environment, increases your ability to effectively lead, and ultimately will set you up for success as a leader. 

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Integrating Inclusivity into Your Leadership Philosophy

(Recorded webinar | 1 hour 43 mins)

In this recorded webinar, you will reflect on and explore how your personal values shape your leadership identity and how well that identity aligns with the inclusive-leader mindset. The leaders of today and tomorrow understand that inclusivity is not something you do when it’s convenient: inclusivity is a daily practice and mindset infused into your leadership identity.

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Inclusive Leadership: Understand Your Intersecting Identities to Better Serve Others

(Recorded webinar | 1 hour 35 mins)

In this recorded webinar, you will  understand where your social and political position of power comes from and how it can influence your leadership in productive and counterproductive ways, which will enable you to align the values of different groups across the organization and operate as a truly inclusive leader.

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Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI)  provides invaluable insight into the latest thinking about diversity and inclusion in Canada. As an Employer Partner with CCDI, anyone from the University of Alberta can enjoy free unlimited access to all CCDI webinars and resources using your ualberta email address when you register. View upcoming webinars .

Flexible Approaches to Leading, Coaching + Mentoring

The Power of a Coaching Mindset + Its Impact on Leadership in Higher Ed

Increasingly traditional management styles are being replaced with a coaching model as a tool to develop people and support increased engagement.

Leaders as Coaches: Improving Employee + Team Performance

Equip yourself with eight essential coaching techniques that will help you motivate and build trust with your team.

Trusting Teams

Simon Sinek shares five practices that build trusting teams where employees can do their best work.

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Quick Reads

10 Tips to Effectively Manage a Hybrid Team

Wondering about the best strategies for setting up your hybrid team for success? Here are ten tips to help ensure team alignment and to cultivate an engaged productive team.

How to do Hybrid Right

How do you achieve the right balance between employee flexibility and meeting operational needs. Here’s some guidance on key components.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Leadership Coaching in Higher Ed

This paper makes a strong case for how leadership coaching can be a powerful intervention to help transitioning leaders navigate the turbulence that goes with systemic changes on university campuses.

Live + On-demand Courses

Situational Leadership + Coaching

(Self-paced, video instruction | 2 hours)

Learn about practical leadership and coaching framework to ensure you are exercising your best options when coaching and leading others and that you are well equipped to have courageous conversations.

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Personal Sides of Change + Transition: Leading change

This self paced learning video will walk you through simple tips and strategies for leading change. You don't need to be in a formal role to be a leader, as we all can exhibit leadership in our work, on projects, and with our teams. By understanding how change can impact individuals and teams, we can apply models that will help us as leaders in supporting our people through change and transition.

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Building + Maintaining Relationships within a Team

How Teams can Meaningfully Connect Remotely

In this video Simon Sinek and his team model their weekly "huddle" designed to build relationships, connectivity, and trust in hybrid/remote teams

Brené Brown on What it Really Means to Trust

Trust is at the heart of health and productive teams. Brené Brown discusses the complexity of trust and why it’s so important.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

In this 3 minute video, you’ll learn about steps you can take to develop your emotional intelligence ( EQ).

More Resources on Building + Maintaining Relationships within a Team

Quick Reads

The Best Managers Balance Analytical + Emotional Intelligence

Effective managers balance analytical abilities with empathy. Learn strategies that will help you strike the right balance.

Do You Need More Emotional Agility?

Emotional agility is critical to navigating change and building psychological safety. Learn about the core aspects of emotional agility and why they are important.

Emotional Intelligence Blog Series

Dive into the four pillars of self awareness with the blog series and learn about how incorporating EQ to your leadership practice can help build and maintain strong relationships with your team. 

Optimizing Resiliency: Getting the Most from Your Team

Resilient teams demonstrate common traits. Learn about how to build reliance in your team along with tips that will help your team be more focused and cohesive.

How to Build and Maintain a Remote Work Culture

There’s no doubt that each organization has its own culture — a self-reinforcing web of beliefs, practices, and behaviors that form that organization’s identity. In the wake of a global pandemic, learn 5 quick tips on building and maintaining a remote work culture.

Live + On-demand Courses

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Managing a Remote Team: How to Motivate, Maintain Morale + Ensure Accountability (recorded webinar)

Our new ways of working remotely have presented unique challenges in terms of overseeing teams and projects. Learn practical strategies to better lead your team remotely. 

Building Resilience Learning Plan

(Self-paced, multimodal learning plan | 3.5 hours)

Resilience has been getting a lot of attention recently— and for good reason. Building resilience will help you develop healthy strategies for overcoming adversity.

Fostering Psychological Safety in Your Team (recorded webinar)

In times of confusion or conflict, leaders and supervisors often try to bring teams together by creating a common vision or by clarifying goals and processes. But before these steps can be effective, you need to ensure a high level of psychological safety within your team. Without that foundation, your team will not function as cohesively.

Identify + Actualize Your Team Values to Increase Trust and Engagement (recorded webinar)

Learn how to use Meg Wheatley’s “Islands of Sanity” model to articulate values and build community and trust within your team. This model says we do our best work when we evoke and rely on our best human qualities. In this recorded webinar, you will have the opportunity to define values with your team, and you’ll leave with tips for how to embed and bring those values to life within your day-to-day operations and culture.