Benefits Fraud

The university benefits plan provides protection that helps with costs not covered by provincial plans. Lack of understanding and awareness about benefits and how to properly use them can turn everyday people into victims or offenders of fraud. Although the university and Sun Life have fraud protections in place, employees are responsible for the proper use of the benefits plan.

The best way to prevent benefits fraud is to:

1. Know Your Plan

  • Understand how to properly submit a claim. 
  • Know which expenses are covered and the limits that apply. 
  • Decline the offer if a service provider suggests substituting a product or service for something not covered. 
  • Claiming a product or service not covered or that you didn’t receive is theft. 

2. Protect Your Information

  • Submit claims online whenever possible. Online claim submission and direct deposit is the most secure form of claims processing.
  • Don't sign blank claims forms in advance. Sign one completed form at a time.
  • Keep your information confidential. Your information is valuable — keep your IDs, passwords and other plan details in a secure place.

3. Keep Records

  • Check your receipts to ensure they are correct and reflect the service you actually received. 
  • Retain receipts for a year in case of verification requests from Sun Life. 
  • If your provider submits claims electronically for you, monitor your submission for errors or services/products you didn't receive by reviewing the claim statement you receive from Sun Life.

4. Report Suspected Fraud

  • If someone tries to persuade you to misuse your benefits plan or you encounter suspicious activity or requests, call Sun Life's Fraud Hotline toll free at 1-888-882-2221 or send an email to
  • Your confidentiality will be protected. 
  • You may also contact the University of Alberta's Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights at 1-780-492-7325.

Our commitment to ethical conduct is stated in the Fraud and Irregularity Policy  and we treat these matters with the utmost seriousness. Misuse of the benefits plan doesn’t just cost the university more money — it may cost you your job and reputation.