A Safe + Healthy Workplace

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At the University of Alberta ensuring the health, wellbeing and safety of all members of our community is a top priority. We believe safe behaviour is a shared responsibility, our legal obligation and the right thing to do.

Safety is a core value in the U of A's Culture of Care safety action plan. We also recognize the interconnectedness between well-being and workplace and personal success. Our Healthy University Strategic Plan aims to support thriving people within a caring community.

With these goals in mind, there are many services, resources and programs available to faculty and staff that support your individual health and safety as well as that of the overall organization.

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Health + Well-being

The university is committed to a Culture of Care where psychological, cultural and physical safety are at the heart of health and well-being. HRHSE offers programs, services and education to support health and well-being. Access our Health and Well-being education website for information about programming that supports mental-health and well-being.

Visit the Health and Wellbeing section of the HRHSE website to access health and well-being information and resources about various dimensions of health, including healthy work, psychological safety, sexual violence and more.

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Employee + Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides confidential psychological counseling and support services to all faculty and staff on campus. This service is designed to support individuals dealing with personal, family or work-related issues.

The EFAP provides a variety of services to complement counseling, which support individual physical and mental health and wellbeing. Visit EFAP to learn more and to find out how to access these important resources.

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Health, Safety + Environment (HSE)

HSE offers education, services and expertise that facilitates safe, healthy and environmentally responsible research and learning. Visit the HSE Training website to access mandatory safety training and an extensive training library of online health, safety and environment related courses.

Health Safety and Environment also offers services related to chemical, biological, radiological and physical safety; hazardous materials and waste management; field research safety; contractor safety and environmental protection. Visit the HSE website to learn more.

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Responding to a Health + Safety Issue

Report an Incident

Incident reporting allows us to investigate, observe, and find opportunities to implement safe work practices at the university. Report incidents through the HSE website related to injury, exposure to hazardous substances, near misses or unsafe conditions, and more.

Disclosure Services

The Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights provides confidential disclosure services as well as advising and consulting on any issue relating to human rights, discrimination, harassment and accommodation issues.