Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights

The University of Alberta is committed to providing a safe work, study and living environment for all staff, students, faculty, and members of our volunteer community. To ensure the university meets this commitment, the university created the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights (OSDHR) to support students, faculty, and staff at the U of A. OSDHR supports the university community in three ways:

  • Provide a safe, neutral and confidential space to disclose concerns
  • Provide strategic advice to staff and faculty relating to human rights and policy
  • Ensure that Human Rights are sustained at the University of Alberta.

Safe Disclosure

The Office provides a confidential, neutral and safe space for members of the University community to speak in confidence about concerns including, but not limited to:

  • Discrimination and Harassment 
  • Ethical Concerns 
  • Health and Safety violations 
  • Financial Mismanagement
  • Other Concerns (wrongdoing/misconduct)

OSDHR responds to those disclosures with appropriate advice, information and referrals. Please note, OSDHR cannot accept formal complaints of harassment or discrimination. However, OSDHR can advise on whether potential complaint processes are available. 

If you would like to disclose a concern to OSDHR, you can submit an online disclosure.

Human Rights at the University of Alberta 

OSDHR’s role in ensuring the provision of human rights at the university includes but is not limited to:

  • advice and information on policies and procedures relating to discrimination, harassment and accommodation
  • development and implement of an educational framework focused on preventing discrimination and harassment
  • providing information and training for members of the university community on relevant policies and procedures



Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights (OSDHR)
University of Alberta
1-037 Li Ka Shing
11203 87 Avenue 
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2H5 

Telephone: 780-492-7357

Online Disclosure Tool