Onboarding Toolkit

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At the U of A we understand that a great onboarding is the launch pad for setting new employees for success during their first 90 days and for laying the foundation for a long, productive career with the university.

The U of A Onboarding Program is all about creating a great experience for both employees and supervisors and setting the stage for starting strong.

Onboarding is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration between the employee and the U of A, with specific responsibilities falling to the supervisor, department onboarding colleague onboarding colleague, and HR Partner.

Whether you are a new employee, a supervisor leading the onboarding journey or someone supporting the process, the U of A Onboarding Toolkit is your first step in the onboarding process. The toolkit offers a library flexible, role specific tools and templates such as:

  • Onboarding Checklist
  • 90-Day Plan Guide and Template
  • Communication templates
  • Milestone Check-ins Conversation Guides

The toolkit also features numerous resources and educational videos designed to support employees and those supporting the onboarding process.

Access the U of A Onboarding Toolkit