Financial Considerations

The Field Research Office (FRO) defers to the Research Services Offices for questions dealing with research grants. Please contact the Research Facilitator as your first point of contact for your research administration needs. The FRO does have some suggestions for preparing your budget to account for the real cost of research.

What Grants Pay For

The researcher has to read the fine print set out in the proposal guidelines. The eligible and non-eligible expenses are particularized in the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide . This guide has changed so it is important at the time of writing your proposal that researchers check what is an eligible and non-eligible expense.

Some of the Tri-Council Agency eligible "field research-related" expenses are listed below but researchers should review the Administration Guide regularly for changes.

  • Cellular phones, smartphones or other electronic devices when they are necessary for research purposes and/or for personal safety reasons with adequate justification.
  • Monthly plan fees for electronic devices for personal safety reasons only.
  • Travel cancellation insurance and seat reservation charges.
  • Travel health insurance for research personnel who do not receive any such benefits from their institution.
  • Safety-related expenses for field work such as protective gear, communications, etc.
  • Entry visa fee when required for research costs related to vehicle necessary for field work.
  • Costs of training staff to use equipment.
  • Maintenance and operating costs of equipment and vehicles.
  • Monthly parking fees for vehicles specifically required for field work and only for months the field work was conducted.
  • Costs involved in providing personnel with training and/or development in novel techniques.