Travel Consultations

We are a convenient one-stop shop for up-to-date travel information, immunizations and health advice for most major destinations. Make an appointment or stop by for your walk-in travel consultation to have a member of our pharmacy team review your travel itinerary.

What to expect

Our pharmacists will assess your medical history and destination(s) you are travelling to and provide comprehensive information about:

  • immunizations or medications for your destination(s)
  • insect precautions
  • food and water handling precautions
  • other travel advisories

How to prepare

Bring your vaccination history and as detailed an itinerary of your trip as possible.

Immunizations and follow-up visits take time, so be sure to complete your consultation well in advance of your trip.


Travel consultations and immunizations are not covered by your provincial health care plan.

Travel consult service fees range between $50 - $70 depending on the destination. The fee does not include costs of medications or vaccinations prescribed for travel.

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