Our Team

Aron Walker, Pharmacist/Pharmacy Manager

I like working with a community who is truly appreciative of the services we provide, and the campus culture is much more vibrant than any other community I have worked in. I also like being part of the Health and Wellness Services team where I can work closely with the other health professionals to improve the health of our patients.

I have been a pharmacist at the UHC Pharmacy for the last 11 years. I have been the pharmacy manager for the last 3.5 of those years. I am particularly interested in travel health, immunizations and diabetes. Outside of the UHC Pharmacy, I enjoy playing golf and hockey and enjoy anytime spent with my family or watching my kids play soccer.

Bev Gorrell, Pharmacist

The University Health Centre Pharmacy is a great place to work, with a team that is forward thinking, professional, and committed to providing quality care to clients in the University community. I have been working at the UHC for 10 years. In my time away from the pharmacy I enjoy boating with my family in the summer, and skiing in the winter. I also enjoy golfing in a ladies league with some good friends.

Tyler Fairbanks, Pharmacist

I enjoy the opportunity we have at the UHC Pharmacy to work with students and staff in the U of A community and the work life balance being a university employee affords me. I have worked here for 2-3 years and have a special interest in travel health, nutrition, and preventative care. Outside of the Pharmacy I enjoy biking, weight training, hiking/camping, and playing with my kids.

Meghan O'Neill, Pharmacy Technician

I've worked at the UHC Pharmacy for 9 years and enjoy the campus atmosphere and the emphasis the University places on educational opportunities for their staff. Outside of work I like to spend time in nature and love to read.

Jewel Villar, Front Store Merchandiser/Assistant

What I like most about working at the UHC Pharmacy is the ability to work independently and that my employer/manager trusts me and they treat us well. The people I worked with are great. I've worked here for almost 2 years. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, watching movies, and travelling with my whole family.