Driver Authorization Requirements

Our driver authorization requirements must be met by members of the UAlberta community who are required to drive a UAlberta-owned vehicle, or rent or lease a vehicle for university business.

  • Defensive Driving Course

    This is an online course that covers traffic law, vehicle dynamics, and UAlberta's driving policies and procedures. Most participants complete the course in 60 to 90 minutes.

    You must complete this course to drive a university vehicle. However, if you have completed a defensive driving course from another provider within the last two years (and provide your certificate), the university may accept that as an alternative.

    The course is free but you must log in with your UAlberta CCID to save your results. If you log in without your CCID, there will be no record that you completed the course.

    Get started on the Defensive Driving Course

  • Defensive Driving Evaluation

    This is a one-hour driver evaluation in a university vehicle. During the evaluation, our instructor will assess your driving skills and work with you to correct deficiencies.

    You must complete this evaluation to drive a university vehicle. If you are unable to correct unsafe driving habits during your evaluation, you will need to complete additional training before we can authorize you to drive a university vehicle.

    To arrange your evaluation, email our Fleet Safety Officer or call (780) 492-1233. We do not charge for evaluations.

  • Bus and Passenger Van Orientation

    This is an in-vehicle orientation for 24- to 37-passenger bus and 12- to 15-passenger van drivers.

    The orientation covers federal legislation on driver's hours and service regulations. Drivers practice operating the vehicle (including a backing component).

    You must complete this course to drive a university bus or passenger van. To register, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid Class 4, Class 2 or Class 1 licence. Course times depend on available test vehicles and road conditions.

    To arrange your bus or passenger van orientation, email our Fleet Safety Officer or call (780) 492-1233. We do not charge for orientations.

  • ATV Training Course

    This course includes both online and practical training.

    The online training covers dashboard features, vehicle control components (handle bars, levers and pedals), and instructions on hill climbing and descending, and traversing.

    The practical training covers basic controls and the correct body positions for turning, ascending, descending, braking and accelerating.

    Riders must supply an ATV and personal protective equipment (PPE):

    • A DOT (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218) helmet
    • Eye protection
    • Gloves
    • Boots that cover the ankles
    • Sturdy, full-length pants and jacket (not nylon)

    This is a Canada Safety Council ATV Rider course. Riders who complete the course receive a certificate valid for three years.

    To arrange your ATV training course, email our Fleet Safety Officer or call (780) 492-1233. The cost for this course varies depending on the course time and instructor.

  • 15-Passenger Van Authorization

    To rent a 15-passenger van through UAlberta, you must meet our driver authorization requirements, plus:

    • Renters must be at least 21 years old.
    • Renters must have a valid Class 4, 2 or 1 licence issued in Canada (or an equivalent licence issued in the United States).
    • Renters must complete UAlberta's van orientation. Schedule your van orientation today.