Signage and Wayfinding

Helping University of Alberta's students, faculty, staff and visitors easily navigate our buildings and grounds is a top priority. Our wayfinding systems include:

  • Maps and directories
  • Directional signs (signs with arrows)
  • Confirmation signs (signs at final destinations)

Sign Templates

Our rich institutional history means our architecture and signage systems vary throughout campus. Find the appropriate template for your workstation, office, laboratory or classroom.

Workstation Identification

For workstation identification, please use the st1-personnel template.

Room Identification

  • For buildings built after 2007, including the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS), the Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering and the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA), or recently upgraded buildings generally use the st1-personnel template.
  • For buildings built between 1992 and 2006 (like the Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research (Katz) building, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKS) building, Corbett Hall, and most engineering buildings), you will need a paper template. Choose an 11-inch-wide room identification strip or a 11.75-inch-wide room identification strip.
  • In buildings built before 1992, please complete a Work Requisition to request changes or updates to room identification signage. You can find more information about pre-1992 signage in University of Alberta Sign Systems Guidelines.

Directories and Subdirectories

Campus Maps

Need a detailed campus map? Download a high-resolution, PDF map of North Campus or South Campus-perfect for large print outs. Each map shows:

  • Building names
  • Car park and parking lot names
  • Open (outdoor) space names
  • Path names
  • Legal property borders

Project Intake / Work Requisition Form

Please allow at least two weeks for a response. 

Submit a request

Technical support: Submit a ticket

Example of signage in the university

U of A Interior Signage

An example of signage for identification of spaces within the university.